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August 9, 2011

Make an Emergency Plan

January 19, 2010

Living in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest means living with Earthquakes and Tsunami MAKE A MINIMUM PLAN.  This post today is to help you get a minimum plan together till you and your family work together and develop your full plan.   Full plans are available at www.ready.gov or www.redcross.org

Have a kit. Have food, water, clothing, knife, matches, lighter, radio, pencil, notebook, can opener, wrench, flash light , a first aid kit, pet food and finally, a written version of your plan.

Have at least 3 days of food and water for everyone in your family.  How much water;  Min 1.5 gallons per person per day that’s 18 gallons for a family of 4.  Make sure the kit is in an accessible area and everyone in the home knows where this kit is.

Where did I leave my kit?

A printer friendly version of this list is available at http://tinyurl.com/5hy8b6

Have a plan. Who is in the plan and are they informed?  If there is a medical emergency get to a hospital immediately.  Where is your meeting place, your home base? What is your second meeting place?  Always leave a note by the front door or close to the front door, include:  who is with you, status of everyone’s health, where have you gone, date, and time.

Now that you have this info, sit down together and make a real plan.

“I need to improve my plan.  I do not have any warm clothing and, my kit is deep in my garage”.

Hoping you never need either of these, Chris Bucci


$1 Glider Rides in Astoria for Breathtaking Views

January 11, 2010

Climb the 164 steps of the Astoria Column, over look the beauty of Columbia River, the Pacific Ocean and Oregon’s coastal range and take a $1 glider ride.

I thought I was in for a treat when I stood at the base of the Astoria Column and I heard a child top the column yell to her mother below, “Here we go.  Watch!”  The next thing I saw was a $1.00 basal wood glider floating, spinning, and looping gently down the entire length of the column, over the parking lot, and continuing out to the ocean.

Come to find out, Gliders are a must do activity at the Astoria Column.  You can purchase your glider in the gift shop for $1.00.  I have included a picture of Heart in Oregon’s company jet.

The Offical Heart in Oregon Glider


The 164 step Astoria Column

• Patterned after Trajan’s Column, Rome, Italy
• Constructed of: Concrete
• Depth of foundation: 12 feet

• Elevation, Coxcomb Hill: 600 feet
• Height: 125 feet
• Number of steps: 164
• Number of cartoons: 12
• Number of brown figures: 200
• Length of artwork, unwound: 500+ feet
• Decoration at top: State seal of Oregon
• Completed in 1926
• Dedicated July 22, 1926
• Original cost: $27,133.96
• Weather repair: 1936
• Friends formed: 1988
• Column restoration: $1 million 1995
• Plaza restoration & lighting: $2 million 2004

You can find more about the Astoria Column at: http://www.astoriacolumn.org/

• Patterned after Trajan’s Column, Rome, Italy
• Constructed of: Concrete
• Depth of foundation: 12 feet
• Elevation, Coxcomb Hill: 600 feet
• Height: 125 feet
• Number of steps: 164
• Number of cartoons: 12
• Number of brown figures: 200
• Length of artwork, unwound: 500+ feet
• Decoration at top: State seal of Oregon
• Completed in 1926
• Dedicated July 22, 1926
• Original cost: $27,133.96
• Weather repair: 1936
• Friends formed: 1988
• Column restoration: $1 million 1995
• Plaza restoration & lighting: $2 million 2004

4 Simple Steps for going “green”

November 10, 2009

4 steps to improving your world

1. Love a place/ Love where you are.

Maybe it’s Oregon, California, Washington, Portland, the beach, the coast or, your own backyard.   The more you love a place, the more we tend to care for it.   Love = caring for.

2. Do what you can.

Just like it says, Do what you can not what you cannot.”  If you can’t, you won’t; if you can and are not; remember, you love this place.

3. Talk, Ask and Listen to people A.K.A build community

Tell people what you love about your place; ask about the place they love, listen to ideas.  Getting this out of you and to others helps you and others improve, preserve, and protect the places you love.  Communication is the most powerful tool available to you.

4. Do a little more / Do something a little scary.

Try something new everyday.  It might be scary, it might not but go ahead and try.  It’s called growth and we should always try.  Even the smallest action is growth.  Even if you are unsure of the outcome, do as much or as little as you can.  .001% improvement is still improvement and it all adds up.

Summary: Love a place, Do what you can, Communicate, Grow.

Bucci’s Practice of the above.

1.  I Love Oregon, it is my home; my heart is here and I will protect what holds my heart.   I love its Ocean, its trees, its high desert, its people and I really love the fact that my son is native to my home.

2.  I pick up batteries when I find them on the street.  So simple, such a large impact.  Please help and pick one up if it is safe for you to do so.  Also, encourage others not to drop a battery or cigarette butt.  (I could use help in encouraging folks not to flick their butts.)

3.  This post is a form of Communication.

4. I need help in remember to put the reusable grocery bags in my car and pull them out when I’m at the store.  Does anyone have a good way of remembering?

Finally, send me any suggestions or comments  you have on this post or ideas this post might have given you.

Rise of the Microbusiness

October 22, 2009

“Microbusinesses are firms with 10 or fewer people – the largest sector of the American economy.
95.2% of all American businesses are microbusiness – over 25.6 million.
.07% of all American businesses are large business – 18,071.”

Now more then ever, the micro business is not only an important part of our economy but is going to be the key to survival.  We all remember our economy crashing a year ago.  Well not it’s on the bound but companies are not hiring.  It’s called a jobless economy.  I could go through pages as to why but the fact is the same, companies are just not hiring or hiring yet, maybe.

This will not only rise but will be the trend of the future.  The large business model is downsizing permanently.

To survive, you must cling on to what you have or go out on your own.  Either way, you should start preparing for your own micro business.

Yes, it is scary as hell

Yes, it could fail

Yes, it could pay off

Yes, it will give you more satisfaction, they in any previous jobs.

Here is a link of Micro Business trends for 2009.


As an Oregonian and Oregon business owner, it is in my best interest that we succeed.  Let’s start the conversation on how we are going to save ourselves.


The Power of IT.

October 15, 2009

“Just Do It.” In my opinion, the “Just Do It” campaign from Nike is brilliant.  “Thank you”, to whoever first said these words and, “Thank You” to the team who took it from words and shared it with the rest of us.  Whether you love, poke fun, or loath, “Just Do It,”  they are words to live by.

Rather than go into the why I think Just DO It is brilliant, I demonstrate it through the Heart In Oregon Sticker.

In 2003, I had an idea for a sticker.  I thought of Oregon with a red heart in it and drew it on a napkin and showed a friend. I told her I was going to make this sticker and live off of it.  She suggested a green heart.  We argued and I basically called her a know-it-all.  I started asking folks about the color of the heart and well, we all know the outcome.  I produced 1500 green heart in Oregon traditional rectangle bumper sticker shape.  I could not even give them away, let alone sell for $2.00.  Another friend suggested cutting them out in the shape of the state, so I did.   The result, the final version of the Heart In Oregon sticker we know and love today.  After cutting 100s by hand, I had to find a die cutter and pay to have them cut.  The next time I printed more, I had the stickers die cut at production which cost more up  front.  All of these things costing a little more money but saving time or improving quality.  My first customer was Nomad’s Crossing on Hawthorne, my next was New Season markets.  I was clueless how to approach each and scared half-to-death. But both guided me on the process and both are great customers today.

Just Do It, saying I was going to make the sticker

Just Do It, Asking  folks about the heart color and getting over my ego

Just Do It. Producing 1500 the rectangle stickers.

Just Do It. Cutting the stickers by hand and eventually producing them cut.

Just Do It.  Going to prospects clueless and allowing them to guide me.

All of these steps, as small or as large, were critical and required steps that needed to be done.  I had much help from friends but without my taking steps, without Just Doing It. We would not be here today.

What is your IT?  Publish a book? Weld art? Get Married?  Then Just Do It.  But remember, IT is not the object; IT is the journey to get there.

Remember, this whole thing is your dream.  IT follows your rules and the common rules of universe.  This IT and this life is your dream.  You are in the middle of it so you might as well Do It.

Post your dream our Heart In Oregon facebook page.

Meaning of Heart in Oregon

September 15, 2009

So what is this Heart in Oregon symbol anyways?

  1. The official name is The Dreamer’s Emblem
  2. It symbolizes, “I’m living a dream; I’m seeking a dream, or I’m supporting dream.”
  3. It is dream of a man who when faced with having to leave his Oregon, decided to “dig in” and create a sticker and live his Oregon dream.  Bad times were not going to make him leave his home.
  4. To me, Chris Bucci, it says, “My heart is in Oregon; the heart is green because it is Oregon.”
  5. Heart in Oregon, a.k.a. The Heart Sticker Company DBA, a.k.a. In State Enterprise LLC, is a small Oregon-based business.  Its mission is to help make the best Oregon it can.  Its strategy is to created a revenue positive business that does what it can to leverage and care for his Oregon community and Oregon at-large.  As well as, inspire other Oregonians to dream and live their dream.
  6. Heart in Oregon is the little sticker that is doing.
  7. Heart in Oregon reminds me to, “Follow my heart it will lead me home.”  It also says, “I care for what holds my heart.”
  8. It is a great business lesson of my life and I think a great candidate for a case study, ‘cause studies are way easier than real life.
  9. It is a community identifier.


The full store can be read at:


And finally, yes, I love America and I am part of the solution

Thunder this morning

September 1, 2009

I woke early this morning.  A case of falling asleep early and too much thick gooey pasta from the “Family” Restaurant down the street.

As I sat at my computer, I heard the sound of rumbling in the distance.  Living kinda close to the PDX airport I figured it was a plane headed off to California, or Mexico, or Boise or some other exotic land that I was not.  But something in the back of my head said, this is not a plane.  It might be THUNNNNNDERRRrrrrrrr.

Now, for those of you who are not familiar to the Pacific Northwest weather, yes plenty of rain, No never,not gonna happen, NEVER EVER any thunder and lighting.  We  just do not have thunder and lighting in our vocabuary.  So to sit here this morning and wonder if this was something I never hear was a weird start to my day.

5 minutes later, my curiousity was answered.  This time, it was definately Thunder.  With just a hint of crackle to remove any doubt.

So I did what any self-respecting Oregonian did, I grabbed my coat, my coffee and my dog and headed for the hills for a jaunt.  Well a mountain and not a hill, Mt. Tabor.

Find out more about Portland weather from Matt Zaffino    http://www.kgw.com/weather/?tn


My BFF, Rain

August 12, 2009

Living in Oregon there is one thing for sure, you better make friends or at least peace with the rain.  For me, the rain is one of my best friends.  Well, this week, an old friend stopped by for a very welcome and unexpected visit.

I was so excited with my first hints of my friend returning yesterday.  My canoe was damp and there was a pool of the clear liquid that had settled along the keel.  “Holy $0@L, Rain is here.”, I spoke.  I stepped out to the patio and could see the bricks were blotchy wet.  Then it hit me, the smell.

Typically, the smell of rain is a sweet, fresh, lush green, full of life smell.  Today’s smell was less sweet and more, well shall we say, the smell of an argument between summer and fall.  Yet with the environments tug-of-war of 100+ degree heat few days ago and just enough rain to start the cleaning of the sky, there still was the slightest hint of that Swwwwwweetness.  Sweeter still was the felling on my skin and in my heart, that feeling combined with my Oregon Senso-Rain 2009 was telling me that, “more rain a comin’.”   And it did.

The night life in Portland last night was vibrant.  Watering holes were bursting that seams, people we celebrating, laughing and joy bound everywhere.  Other places in the world, the rain would be a damper but not here, not in this land of the web-foot.  It was just the excuse to celebrate, stay up late, be our community and hang out with our old friend, The Rain.

This morning I woke to another BFF  It was the Bayr with the wet dog smell, a big smile, and ready for a walk to smell the sweetness of an Oregon rain.

Hill Billy-ing in Oregon NWSS

July 21, 2009

If you ever want a close to true Oregon Hill-Billy experience, treat yourself to Northwest String Summit held every year in North Plains Oregon at Horning’s Hideout. I would like to say the event is sponsored by Colorado’s Yonder Mountain String band but it is more appropriate to say it is clan Oregon that host this event and all comers great and small add their special dose of energy. That is what makes it great.

It’s not just camping with music, it setting up a cluster of villages on a dirty old loggin camp, in the side of the coastal range foot hill. You will get dirty, your dogs will get exhausted from climbing up and down the pitch but laugh, dance, liberate your soul, you will. There will be hooting and hollering non stop till the 3rd dawn, and plenty of jars of XXX.
But the main event, is getting your boogie on with about 3000 souls dance in the bowl as one complex Oregonism. This years event we were blessed by new spectacular glistening Peacock banners, summertime bug pararde, and a view of the spacestation with shuttle docked above our head.

The beautiful of living as an Oregonian is, this is how we commonly live our lives.